Bridge Builders

Thank you so much for supporting The Bridge Radio! Your generosity and faithfulness makes a difference in our communities! The Bridge is listener supported and your gift makes it possible for us to reach up to 2 million people with the love of Christ and music the glorifies his name!

There are so many people in our area who have given up hope and may not have a home church. Through worship music, devotions, encouragement and prayer, you help others get the ministry they need.

Multiple times a day, we lead people in the prayer of salvation through the airwaves and people call in and tell us about their good news!

You are building treasure in heaven and we are thankful for you support of this ministry! 

The Bridge Radio is a Non-Profit Organization. All monetary contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Become a Bridge Builder today! 

$88.70 / month

If you want to be a Bridge Builder, we want you to pray about pledging $88.70/per month, which signifies our station's dial, 88.7 FM. 

Be a Difference Maker!

Every gift, large or small makes a difference.

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Do you hear local business advertisements on air regularly?  Find out how you can support The Bridge Radio by becoming an Underwriter or Ministry Partner today!

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