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Summer of Love| Give a Radio!

Posted by Amanda Carroll on


Summer of Love| Give a Radio!

This could be your greatest summer ever! It’s amazing to fill up your summer with trips and camps, but what if this year you could do something different,  to truly make it great!

Jesus said if you truly want to be great, serve.

So come on a journey with me and make this the Summer of Love! This journey takes us where most missionaries can’t go!  You don’t even have to pack a bag or get on a plane to help reach the 3 billion people worldwide that don’t know Jesus.

I’m partnering with this amazing ministry called Far East Broadcasting.  They send radios to remote hard to reach villages to tell families about Jesus for the first time.

The radios are set to play Christian music, programs on Jesus, marriage, and parenting. They find hope.

Each radio reaches 25 people.  Over the next few weeks I have this crazy God sized goal to give 400 radios with Far East.  That would me that during the Summer of Love you and I could reach 10,000 people for Jesus!

This summer, make a difference with me!  We can have fun too. Let’s get crazy, get the kids to do a lemonade stand, send emails to your friends, what other creative ways can we tell this story?

It’s just ONE gift of $30 and 25 people will have access to the same type of Christian radio that you love and can’t live without. I LOVE Christian radio and the impact it has on our families. So join me this week and  help bring it around the world!

You can give a radio now by calling 877-532-2998 or give online at GiveARadio.org.

Thank you!  399 more to go!


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