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Orlando Shooting: Overcoming the Darkness

Posted by Amanda Carroll on


Orlando Shooting: Overcoming the Darkness

Lot of darkness this week… you might be wondering God, where were you? Where is the light.

Sunday morning I woke up to push alerts on my phone  about the shooting in Orlando.  Seems like that’s how we find out about these things now.

I went outside on my patio with a cup of coffee to pray. It was still dark.  As I sat there, the sun started to rise.  A new day was beginning.
I noticed how the sun little by little, minute by minute overcame the darkness.

John 1:5 says “The Light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness did not overpower it.”

Light always wins over dark. 

Want to do something in response to the darkness of the shooting in Orlando? Be light.
Give away unreasonalbe amounts of love and grace, like it’s the only size it comes in.

There are always more then enough people pointing fingers, just don’t think we can ever run out of people
that are pointing out God’s love.


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