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New to the Show? Here’s Your Awesome Welcome Pak

Posted by Brant Hansen on


Greetings. This is your awesome Welcome Pak!

We want to be your On-Demand Friends. You can listen anytime, anywhere, and even if the show makes no sense, or if I’m really wrong about something, well… it’s okay because we’re friends!!!

…I hope.

Anyway, if you want to understand what the show is all about, please read this. And if you’re a misfit, and you don’t quite fit into the culture (the larger culture OR common church culture) please read this, too.


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* – I spelled  “pak” without the “c” because that makes it more edgy and hopefully you will like that. Sherri said you wouldn’t care, but I feel it’s the little things that make the difference.
** – That drawing is supposed to be a welcome mat. It looks more like some kind of pedestal-thing, like we’re in the olympics. But it’s supposed to be a mat. Thanks.


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